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October 14, 2016


Weston McEwen High School

The Athena event was a great success!

Our festival coordinator Tom shared his report:

"Due to the forecasted storm, we wondered what the turnout would be for the Saturday event in Athena. We started the morning off with Luis spending an hour praying with the local leaders, one of whom had been praying for Luis to come to Athena for more than 30 years!

Next we headed over to the sight to do counselor training where we equipped more than 30 individuals for the afternoon events. Even before the training session, people were starting to arrive for the event itself with great expectation. One woman with her young daughter stand out to me. I welcomed her and informed her about the time of the event, but she said: "I love Luis Palau and I want to make sure my daughter gets to see and hear him. I don't care that I'm four hours early."

After the counselor training, Vic Murphy and his Stunt Dudes started setting up for their demo. We originally planned to do the demo outside in front of the school, but God in his wisdom and grace had better things in store. We removed the chairs in the middle section of the gym and they did their presentation right in the main gym where everything else was taking place. Because people were arriving early, there were more than 200 people there to see the demo and to hear the testimonies of Vic and his guys. So much for bad weather. The excitement was palpable!

Ryan Pickrel from Beaverton Foursquare and his wife Becca, along with a team that travelled with them, led worship for the event. Luis preached the Good News like he was preaching at Central Park, with passion and expectancy. Throughout the day more than 40 people responded to the gospel. It was so moving as Luis invited those who raised their hand to come forward. God was glorified in Athena and his kingdom was advanced!"

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Luis Palau will share the Gospel in Athena, Oregon on October 14 and 15. Athena is located near Pendleton in Eastern Oregon, and has a population of 1,126. The outreach will take place at the Weston School, and ten churches are involved in the effort. Please keep the Athena outreach in your prayers!