Luis Palau Association

Donor Privacy Policy

As a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, the Luis Palau Association subscribes to strict organizational, accounting, and fundraising guidelines and requirements. An independent public accounting firm audits our financial statements annually. Our current financial statement is available upon request.

Under the laws of the State of Oregon, in which we are incorporated, and the requirements of the IRS, our Board of Directors must have official control of all the organization’s funds and the freedom to allocate these funds in a manner that will carry out the expressed purpose of the Luis Palau Association.

We will exert every effort to honor any donation designation or preference you have stated. In certain circumstances, where the project is over-funded or cannot be carried out in accordance with your preference, the funds will be used for similar projects approved by our Board of Directors.

We assure you that the identity of all donors on our mailing list is confidential. We do not sell or give away our list! We strive to be responsible in our management, truthful in our advertising, and cost-effective in our fundraising.