Luis Palau Association

Estate Planning: Donor Testimony

“This is something we feel most everyone could benefit from, and we highly recommend it to all.”Matscheks

Norm and Cheryl Matschek took advantage of the estate planning assistance program that is offered through LPA. In their own words: “It’s so easy, given our fast-paced lives, to put off the time to establish or update wills, trusts, and everything else that goes into good planning for what happens once we pass from this life. Although we had previously established wills, we had not reviewed or upgraded them for several years.

LPA understands the importance of good estate planning, and has made an investment of its own time and resources to provide each of us with this unique opportunity. We had the most wonderful experience working with Gene Christian to determine how we can best utilize our estate for God’s purposes and His glory, yet at the same time take care of family responsibilities that we feel are important. What a surprise and what a gift! And what a wonderful way to use the resources God has given to us, even after we are gone! This time with Gene, for which there was no charge, was invaluable to us and saved us a tremendous amount of money that we would have spent with the attorney had we not met with him first. We cannot say enough about these services. We can give to our family for their needs, and then turn around and give it all again to our church, LPA, and other Christian organizations of our choice to continue the Lord’s work. This is something we feel most everyone could benefit from, and we highly recommend it to all. Thank you, LPA, for being so foresighted to provide these valuable services!”