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March 2017



Thank you for your prayers!  Guatemala Festival was a great success, although it was not without its challenges.  Amid much unrest and very active political protesting, the Good News was proclaimed clearly and powerfully.  More than 35,000 people were in attendance for the one-day festival in the heart of the city, right in the shadows of the presidential palace.  Tens of thousands more tuned in to the live, international television broadcast via Enlace TV.  

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In the end, more than 1,300 people made public confessions of faith in Jesus at the festival and are now being followed up by local churches.

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It was a battle for sure.  The devil did not want the festival to happen.  There were many distractions throughout the night.  Opposition at times . . . right in our faces . . . in the midst of Luis’ message.  Protestors yelling.  Fireworks set off to draw attention away from the message.  Yet the team stood strong and the Lord was glorified.

During his time in Guatemala, Luis was invited to meet with President Morales.  Just 10 days after a horrific fire tragically took the lives of 40 young girls living in a government-run shelter, Luis offered his insight and encouragement as the nation mourned the loss of these children.

During the private meeting, Luis offered his deepest sympathy to the people of Guatemala, especially the families directly affected by the tragedy, and reminded the president that the evangelical community was praying for the nation during this time.

"This is a difficult time for the nation of Guatemala. Many people are hurting. Many families are suffering. Many people are asking deep, fundamental questions." said Palau. "What better time for us to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and remind the nation about his hope, his sacrifice, his love, and his peace – even in the midst of this pain and loss."


Luis was also honored by the leadership at Universidad Mariano Galvez, one of the largest and most respected universities in the nation with 94,000 students. He also gathered with hundreds of local pastors and church leaders to encourage them in their role within society and their responsibility toward the community.

Luis has a long history of ministry in Guatemala, first visiting the nation in the early 1970s. His most memorable visit came in 1982 when he spoke to more than 700,000 people at a one-day gathering in Campo Marte. That gathering is thought by many to not only be one of the largest gatherings in Guatemala's history, but one of the largest gatherings of evangelical Christians in all of Latin America.

Below are more pictures of Luis’ visit to Guatemala.  You can also view more photos here:


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