Luis Palau Association


Andrew Palau


August 2012


Dar es Salaam

In Dar es Salaam, a minutes-long commute can easily turn into hours. Many downtown churches hold services early each morning so their congregation can beat the traffic. Andrew Palau spoke to a packed house at the Azania Front Lutheran church at 7:00 a.m. Monday morning. Built by German missionaries in 1898, the church is one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Traffic also affected the four eyeglasses clinics that began in Dar es Salaam today. Volunteers arrived to lines of people waiting to get fitted for a pair of reading glasses. The clinic in Magomeni, headed by Andrew's wife Wendy Palau, was able to work through 500 patients but had to turn almost as many away. Despite the large numbers, Wendy and the volunteers say they sensed God at work, and at the end of the day, the four clinics had served 1,370 people. "We really felt the Holy Spirit all over that place," Wendy said.

Some of the clinics were held in Church buildings with sanctuaries serving as waiting areas. Several pastors took the opportunity to share the Gospel and pray with the people standing in line. Many of them made decisions to follow Jesus.

Play for Hope coaches and a few other team members held a soccer clinic in a densely populated community. An estimated 370 kids took part in the fun.

Action sports athletes Vic Murphy and John Andrus performed BMX stunts, and Alliance Ministries member Mike Parker shared a message from the parables of the lost coin and the prodigal son.

Children's performer Duggie Dug Dug led outreaches to more than 1,500 kids at two primary schools - Hindu Mandal School and Green Hill Primary School. Meanwhile, Andrew and another ministry team spent the early afternoon at the Airwing Secondary School, a military school. The team offered a preview of the festival with music, the BMX jump of death, and a clear presentation of the Gospel. Andrew asked the kids to respond to the living God by giving their hearts to Him. Several hands went up when Andrew asked if anyone had made a decision, and a bunch of kids stayed after the program to ask Andrew questions and pray with him.

Please join us in praying for the many who heard the Good News today, and the many more who will be reached in the days to come. Pray also for the strength and health of our team, and for the Lord's continued protection throughout the festival.