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January 2015



Update: Tens of thousands of people came to the festival and thousands of decisions were recorded! By the end of the day Sunday, thousands of decisions for Christ were reported from throughout the campaign, which included the women's dinner, business leaders dinner, eyeglass clinics, and several outreaches in schools and prisons. At the festival, local artists and professional BMX and FMX athletes performed, along with children's evangelist Doug Horley. Stay tuned for more stories and reports from Love Burkina Faso! 

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A video update from Burkina Faso

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Festival Update: The first day of Love Burkina Faso was tremendous! Thousands of people reported decisions for the Lord and thousands of Bibles were distributed. Keep Andrew in your prayers for the second night as he prepares his messages. Pray also for those that will attend the festival, that their hearts will be open to the message of hope!

Thursday: The room was packed for the business leader's dinner, and there were more than 300 decisions reported! Andrew and Wendy, along with Scott Hanson, delivered a tremendous and impactful message of the Good News.

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The festival week continues with Love Burkina Faso volunteers from the United States working with 8 ophthalmologists to serve through eyeglass clinics. Many are coming to know the Lord through this outreach! In addition, Doug Horley, Vic Murphy, and John Andrus saw hundreds of children and many decisions reported through outreach events in local schools.

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Update from Burkina Faso, 12/17: Hundreds of people attended a dinner in Ouagadougou for women. The women's committee for the festival caught on to the vision about inviting unsaved friends, and as a result, there were numerous decisions and others waiting in line to learn more about the Gospel from counselors. 

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Tonight, there is a dinner for business leaders which will include a message of hope from Andrew Palau. Please pray!

Update from Burkina Faso, 12/16:  Andrew Palau and the team have arrived in Burkina Faso! The festival week kicked off with a press conference where Andrew shared the vision for the festival and several NGA action sports evangelists performed in order to build excitement. The day also included training for eyeglass clinic volunteers, and this evening, there is a dinner for women and hundreds are expected to attend. Pray for Andrew and Wendy as they prepare to share!

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Burkina Faso Update 11/13/14:

The Love Burkina Faso festival has been rescheduled for December 20-21, 2014. Team members met with the local committee to finalize new plans and came back with a sense that the new December dates are an even better fit for the country and the culture than the November dates. The necessary government offices are functioning and responsive. The venue, artists, and details are all approved. Keep the Burkina Faso festival in your prayers!

Special Burkina Faso Update:

Andrew's festival in Burkina Faso was scheduled for November 10-16 in Burkina Faso's capital city of Ouagadougou. As you are probably aware from reports coming out of the country, there is a significant amount of political unrest that came to a boiling point the week of October 27.

The local festival leadership in Burkina Faso has asked that all festival activities be postponed for the safety of the team and the citizens until the conflict calms down.

Please pray for a swift and amicable resolution to the conflict. Pray for the safety of the people of Burkina Faso. Pray for the peace and prosperity of the nation in this turbulent time. We ask that you also pray for the safety of our festival committee in Ouagadougou. We are in frequent contact with them, and pray that we can be an encouragement as they walk through this.

We remain dedicated to Burkina Faso and are confident that the festival will take place in the near future. Please pray for our team and our festival committee in Ouagadougou as they help us to determine when that time will be. We look forward to sharing with you how God moves through the festival, and remain unwavering in our commitment to serve 10 capital cities of Africa.

Already we were able to hold conferences for pastors and leaders, as well as friendship evangelism training events that have already greatly enriched the Body of Christ. God brought unity in Burkina Faso to a truly unprecedented level in the past year. With that unity and momentum already in place for the festival, we expect to see people even more ready and responsive when we are able to come together in lifting up the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

About Burkina Faso:

Burkina Faso, an African country that neighbors Ghana, Mali, and the Ivory Coast, is a small, landlocked nation ranked as the world's third poorest country by the UN. Syncretism, the combining of different and often seemingly contradictory beleifs, is widespread in the country. Across the country, major religions such as Christianity and Islam are often practiced in combination with conflicting indigenous religious traditions.

Burkina Faso's capital city, Ouagadougou, is the administrative, communication, cultural, and economic center of the country. Christian churches in the city are struggling to reach the younger generation, many of whom come from rural communities and travel to the larger cities where they are converted to other religions and continue to hold to animist and indigenous traditions.