Luis Palau Association


Andrew Palau


July 2012



On Wednesday evening, Andrew and the team led a street outreach in the center of Trench Town, one of Kingston's most volatile neighborhoods. Here's an eye-witness account from Palau team member Eric Charnquist:

"Joy Town is located in the heart of Trench Town, which is arguably the heart of Kingston. Bob Marley was born in Trench Town and if you look at the map, it's more or less the center of town. The only point that may be more central is Hero's National Park... the location of Saturday's festival.

After a day of work and setup, the team converged on Joy Town for a night of skateboard and BMX stunts, music and Good News. Our action sports guys fanned out into the neighboring apartment complexes, riding and goofing to attract kids of multiple age groups. When our pied pipers returned, they had a hundred or more kids in tow. After several stunts - including the infamous "jump of dangerous peril" - the Omaha worship band played several songs before handing it over to Ziggy, a local reggae-star-turned-pastor, who did a couple of numbers. As darkness set in, Vic Murphy shared a message of Good News.

We gathered afterward at the hotel to share stories from the day. One team member, Bill, shared about how he talked to a man from the neighborhood. Later, as Vic presented the Gospel, Bill saw his new friend raise his hand.

Another had shared the Gospel with a guy who admitted he had a lot of things in his life that he needed to change. The team member ended up praying with him as he gave his heart to the Lord.

These are just a few stories of what God has been doing here in Kingston this week. Please keep praying for the harvest as Andrew goes to two prisons tomorrow to share the Gospel and the rest of the team continues to serve the community. Pray that God would continue to direct hearts and minds to the festival on Saturday and that God would give Andrew the perfect message to share with those who are waiting to hear."