Luis Palau Association


Luis Palau


December 2012


Live on T.V.

This week, Continente 2012 is giving us the opportunity to reach millions across the Spanish-speaking world with the Good News! Please pray right now for this initiative.

Our team is partnering with Enlace television to produce five days of a live Q-and-A program in Spanish. The vision is simple. It's just Luis, a telephone, and a Bible.

During Tuesday's broadcast alone, more than 2,200 people called in seeking the hope and redemption that only Jesus Christ can give. Thousands of counselors are helping to field the calls, and extensive online resources and hundreds of partner churches will facilitate follow-up and discipleship.

Here are just a few examples of the amazing stories we've seen so far:

José, a 49-year-old man from Nicaragua, called because his issues with substance abuse were tearing his family apart. Luis shared that he had a neighbor with a similar addiction who found forgiveness and salvation in Christ. José was intrigued. Could this God save him too? Right over the phone, Luis guided him in a prayer inviting Jesus Christ to enter his heart and transform his life. "You have just begun a new life," Luis told José, citing 2 Corinthians 5:17.

AnnMarie, a caller from Puerto Rico, rededicated her life to Christ four years ago, but said she can't seem to shake her addiction to drugs. Luis emphasized the powerful tool God has given us through the Bible. "Every morning, before your feet even touch the ground, ask the almighty God to protect you from temptation," he said. "Then, sit down – without any distractions – and spend time in the Word of God, just you and Jesus."

Calls revolved around marriage and family issues on Monday's broadcast. Luis leaned on the Bible and his own experience as he spoke to three mothers, each with a child stuck in a state of rebellion from God.

"Don't despair," he told a caller from El Salvador. "Keep praying, keep loving your son. His heart needs to change; don't pressure him too much. Show him love."

"[My wife] Patricia and I have four sons, and one of them abandoned the things of God at the age of 13," he shared with another caller. "We stayed close to him. We didn't break our friendship or relationship with him. I would write to him every once in a while. I would add a Bible verse; I would say how much we loved him. Don't pressure [your son] too much, but every once in a while, give an encouraging word, a touch of the Bible."

A woman calling from Mexico explained that she and her husband, once prominent leaders at their church, were on the verge of divorce after a year of "living separately in the same house." He had grown apart from the church. Their children sensed the trouble. She could see no other way out.

Luis urged her to put divorce aside and approach her husband with honesty and an open heart. "Divorce is an escape, but it brings a lot of sadness. It's not a real solution." He said. "Tell your husband you want to seek the biblical solution for the difficult time you two are facing. Sit down with him and tell him that you want to fight for your marriage."