Luis Palau Association


Luis Palau


June 2012



Mayor Johnson praised the impact the festival campaign has already had on the community, particularly the work of more than 20,000 volunteers through the Season of Service.

"I want to thank Luis Palau, first of all, just for choosing Sacramento," he said. "The faith community has really stepped stepped up."

Pastor Ray Johnston (Bayside Church) and Bishop Parnell Lovelace (Center of Faith Church) commented on the unity fostered among more than 470 of Sacramento’s churches and gave an overview of the events to come. Affiliates from all major local news sources attended the conference, including FOX40 and KCRA3.

After the press conference, Luis spoke to 650 ladies at the Women’s Luncheon. 164 people made commitments to Jesus! Tomorrow he visits the State Capitol to pray with several government leaders and speak at a luncheon for the business and civic community. Please continue to pray as the festival unfolds.