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Luis Palau


October 2012



God is working in Albania as local believers join Luis and the team in promoting TiranaFest across the country.

​After a festival press conference in Tirana Wednesday, Albania's three top networks covered the impending event during their evening broadcasts. ORA News, one of the country's "big three," aired the festival promo throughout the evening.

"Since 1985, I have loved Albania, I have read about Albania, and I always dreamt that someone would invite me," Luis told the press.

BMX pro and Christian speaker Vic Murphy surprised the press conference audience with a preview of the festival's Action Sports.

Publicity for TiranaFest has been astounding all around, according to local and U.S. staff. "Every time you turn on the television, you see the ads and every time you ask someone, they have heard about TiranaFest," said festival director Randy Burtis.

Later in the day, Luis hosted a luncheon for nearly 100 women. His message from John 4 (the story of the Samaritan woman) led more than 60 to make a public commitment to Jesus Christ. "He made the Bible characters sound like real people," one woman said. "It sounded like a soap opera, and it made us listen."

Preparations and last-minute logistics for this weekend's main event are still underway. Please pray for the health and safety of the team, continued favor with national media, and that many would come to hear the Good News this Saturday and Sunday!