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20 May 2014

His Majesty and Your Worship

Posted in Articles, Spiritual Growth

I say the word "king" and what do you envision? Perhaps the color purple, a jewel-laden crown, heavy robes, and stately palaces. All of these images reflect royalty.

But none of these are found at the scene of the first Christmas, where Jesus Christ was born. Instead of a palace, the King of all creation was born in a barn. Instead of a cradle inlaid with jewels, He was placed in a feeding trough for animals! And instead of maneuvering into the position of king, Jesus Christ was BORN king.

With so many paradoxes, how are we to respond?

The Bible tells us. In Matthew, we find the wise men asking, "Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him." Did you catch our answer? We are to worship this King! The Magi did not find Christ marked by anything that signifies royalty; they found him by the gentle light of a star. And just as you find Him today, your response is to be the same – WORSHIP.

Honoring Christ as King demands your entire heart in worship; your entire life in humble adoration. No other response is fit for the King of Kings.

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