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Victorious Living

20 May 2014

Victorious Living

Posted in Articles, Spiritual Growth

Do you ever wake up and determine you're going to be nice all day? What happens? The kids are slow. You're impatient. A billboard takes your thoughts in the wrong direction. Within an hour, you feel rotten.

God has put up walls of protection for us, but sometimes we climb right over them. Satan often attacks us through two seemingly innocent mistakes: carelessness and self-confidence.

We are careless when we hurry through our daily Bible reading or prayer. Or we become proud for overcoming temptation – without watching for the next thing that trips us.

Self-confidence is a poor substitute for daily walking with God and relying on His power. God's Word says in Ephesians that we are to be made, "holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God's word" (Ephesians 5:26). That's right – it is through God's power in His Word that we live victoriously in Christ.

Whether you are a known leader in the Christian faith (at a church or in ministry), or whether you are an "average Joe" Christian striving to live out your faith in this "worldly" world, take heart. Don't stop relying on Jesus Christ. We must commit to continuing to get to know Him better and better, more and more! This is what will keep you from stumbling or completely falling, and will give you a holy witness.

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