Luis Palau Association

National Women's Prayer Team

For years, Luis Palau has prayed about the possibility of sharing the Gospel through an evangelistic campaign in New York City. Now, the timing finally seems right, and nearly half of a century of prayers are being answered. prayer team logoFor a revival to truly touch our nation, New York City is an ideal starting point. It's the heartbeat of high finance, the media, fashion, and entertainment. Because prayer is such as crucial element of this campaign, the Palau Association has launched the National Women's Prayer Team, a strategic group committed to praying for revival in New York City and across the nation.

Led by LPA board member Gail Stockamp, Pat Palau, and Wendy Palau, the Prayer Team's mission is to come alongside the vision for New York City and simply commit to praying throughout the campaign. The Prayer Team also offers participants the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and receive updates from New York City.

"My hope is that as we come together in prayer for New York City and our nation, we begin to understand the nearness of God – the way He desires to draw people close to Himself and delights in our earnest efforts to spread His message of love and grace with as many people as possible," Stockamp said of the Prayer Team.

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